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Terms of Use link

  1. Use of a Library Shared Learning Room by a group, organization or individual customer signifies the acceptance of the terms of the Shared Learning Room Policy, Library Use Rules and City policies and procedures.
  2. The Library reserves the right to deny use of Shared learning Rooms to individuals or groups who abuse Library rules or City policies.
  3. There is no charge for use of a Shared Learning Room.
  4. A reservation may be made in advance to use a Shared Learning Room; however, a reservation is not required. Any individual or group may use a Shared Learning Room and the equipment included in it, if the room is available and not reserved.
  5. Use of and scheduling of the use of a Shared Learning Room is subject to the needs of the Library and may not interfere with the Library’s operations or the use of the Library by customers.
  6. Use of a Shared Learning Room does not constitute Library or City of Austin endorsement of a viewpoint expressed by an individual, group or organization in a Shared Learning Room or activity.
  7. Individuals may not advertise or announce an event to be held in a Shared Learning Room if the advertisement or announcement states or implies the endorsement of the Library or the City of Austin.
  8. An announcement or notice to publicize an activity may not be posted or distributed on Library premises without advance approval from the Library.