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Care and Use of a Shared Learning Room link

1. Doors to the Shared Learning Room must remain unlocked and unobstructed at all times during the hours the Library is open to the public. Aisles and passageways into and within the Shared Learning Room must not be blocked or obstructed.

2. Occupancy in a Shared Learning Room is limited to the capacity of the individual Shared Learning Room.

3. Individuals may not cause a disturbance to Library customers or Library staff.

4. Individuals must completely vacate the Shared Learning Room when the Library’s closing time is announced, at the request of Library staff or Library Security, or for another customer who has reserved the room.

5. Individuals who find items in the Shared Learning Room that do not belong to them should contact Library staff or Library Security to retrieve the item from the room.

6. The Library does not assist with or arrange structures, furniture, supplies or equipment in the Shared Learning Rooms.

(a) Individuals must not bring structures or furniture from other areas of the Library into a Shared Learning Room.

(b) Individuals may bring personal items into a Shared Learning Room and must remove all personal items upon leaving the Shared Learning Room. Personal items must not obstruct aisles and passageways in or outside of the Shared Learning Room. Personal items must not block customers from accessing any Library services or resources.

(c) Individuals may not store any personal items, including equipment, materials or supplies, in a Shared Learning Room.

(d) The Library is not responsible for any lost, stolen or misplaced personal item, whether the item was attended or unattended by the owner. An individual who brings a personal item in the Library assumes the risk of loss, damage or theft of the personal item.

7. Individuals may not affix, tape or fix with an adhesive items to any part of a Shared Learning Room, including a wall, door, window treatment or woodwork. Individuals may not alter, damage, deface or mark on Library property. Trash must be properly disposed of in designated waste or recycle bins.

8. The Library does not provide audio, video or other equipment other than that which is already installed in the Shared Learning Room. Written instructions for use of the equipment within the Shared Learning Room are posted in the room.

9. Internet Use in a Shared Learning Room.

(a) Consistent with Library Use Rules, individuals may not violate any state or federal laws, including, but not limited to, Public Performance Rights (publicly showing a film or video), child pornography or the display of harmful materials to minors. Learning Room may not access sexually explicit sites using any Library resource or electronic device.

(b) Individuals create, store and use personal files at their own risk. The Library is not responsible for the loss of a user’s personal electronic documents, storage devices or files.

(c) Individuals are financially responsible for any damage caused to Library computer devices and peripherals whether physically, by the use of damaged or virus-infected software, or by any other means. Individuals must promptly pay the City for the cost of repair or replacement of equipment resulting from the damage.

(d) Individuals may report technical damages and conditions to the Shared Learning Room Coordinator by email or in person.

10. Food and Beverages in a Shared Learning Room.

(a) Consistent with Library Use Rules, individuals may not consume any food or beverage in a Shared Learning Room.

(b) Food and beverages that have been purchased in the Library must be consumed in designated areas.

(c) If, due to a disability, an individual must consume a special food, the Library will provide a reasonable accommodation for the individual to consume that food in a designated area.

(d) The restrictions above regarding consuming food and beverages in a Shared Learning Room do not apply to:

i. Water consumed from a clear, capped bottle;

ii. Food brought by an adult supervising a child younger than seven (7) years of age, and consumed by the child in a designated area;

iii. Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding an infant.

11. The individual making the reservation, as well as the group as a whole, is responsible for damages that result from the use of the Shared Learning Room.