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Care and Use of a Shared Learning Room link

  1. Occupancy in a Shared Learning Room is limited to the capacity of the individual Shared Learning Room.
  2. Individuals must completely vacate the Shared Learning Room when the Library’s closing time is announced, at the request of Library staff or Library Security, or for another customer who has reserved the room.
  3. Individuals must not bring structures or furniture from other areas of the Library into a Shared Learning Room.
  4. Individuals may not store any personal items, including equipment, materials or supplies, in a Shared Learning Room.
  5. Individuals may not affix, tape or fix with an adhesive items to any part of a Shared Learning Room, including a wall, door, window treatment or woodwork. Individuals may not alter, damage, deface or mark on Library property. Trash must be properly disposed of in designated waste or recycle bins.
  6. The Library does not provide audio, video or other equipment other than that which is already installed in the Shared Learning Room.
  7. Food and Beverages in a Shared Learning Room.
    1. Consistent with Library Use Rules, individuals may not consume any food in a Shared Learning Room. Beverages with lids are allowed.
    2. Food and beverages must be consumed in designated areas (2nd floor or outside porches)
  8. The individual making the reservation, as well as the group as a whole, is responsible for damages that result from the use of the Shared Learning Room.