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Brainfuse HelpNow

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Brainfuse HelpNow provides online tutoring for students in grades K-12 and adult learners. Live tutors are available every day from 2 PM - 11 PM.

The Brainfuse HelpNow app is available on iOS and Android devices.

To get a Brainfuse HelpNow login:

  1. Open Brainfuse HelpNow in a browser.
  2. Click "Login".
  3. Click "Sign up".
  4. Create a user name and password.
  5. Use your user name and password to login to the app.

Brainfuse HelpNow Highlights:

  • Writing Lab: upload a document and get feedback within one business day
  • SkillSurfer: test prep & skill-building
  • Live Chess Tutoring: Listed under Expert Help. New!
  • Send Question: ask the tutors for help outside of tutoring hours — get a reply within one business day
  • Language Lab: live practice for learning Spanish
  • Español: tutoring in Spanish for many subjects

About Brainfuse HelpNow:

  • Students communicate with live tutors using an interactive whiteboard to chat, write, draw, copy/paste text or images and graph homework problems.
  • All live sessions are saved and can be replayed as well as shared with friends and teachers by email.
  • Registration is not required to get live tutoring help, but it is recommended so that students can track their progress.
  • Registration is required for certain modules like The Writing Lab and the SkillSurfer.

Help / Ayuda

Check out the Brainfuse HelpNow tutorial from Niche Academy.

Email for technical assistance.

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