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The Austin History Center general collection contains more than 22,000 items, including books, local government documents, and unpublished reports documenting the history and current activities of Austin and Travis County. The items in the general collection are searchable in the Austin Public Library Online Catalog.

Books, Directories and More

Our books and unpublished reports include:

  • Books about Austin and Travis County
  • Some books by local authors
  • Transcriptions of oral history interviews
  • Church and social club directories
  • City directories
  • Austin File Chronological
  • Annals of Frank Brown
  • Yearbooks from local schools and universities

Local business sources are popular and include:

  • Business directories
  • Statistical reports
  • Market surveys
  • Chamber of Commerce publications
  • Annual reports of local companies and non-profits

Government  Documents

The Austin History Center serves as the official repository for the records of the City of Austin. We also have some documents from other local government entities. Our government document collection includes:

  • Census for Travis County
  • Budgets
  • Environmental reports
  • Minutes for various boards and commissions--see also the recordings collection.
  • Internment records
  • Annual reports for City departments
  • City Council Minutes--see also the recordings collection