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The Rib King

An intricately woven novel that centers around the black servants of a down-on-its heels upper-class white family.

A Million Aunties

After a personal tragedy upends his world, American-born artist Chris travels to his mother's homeland in the Caribbean…

Confessions in B-flat

Follows the 1964 Civil Rights-era relationship between a passive-resistance protégé of Martin Luther King, Jr. and a…

How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House

An intimate portrayal of interconnected lives, across race and class, in a rapidly changing resort town.

This Close to Okay

On a rainy October night, recently divorced therapist Tallie Clark is on her way home when she spots a man standing at…

Blood Grove

After being approached by a Vietnam War veteran who claims to have gotten into a fight protecting a white woman from a…

Milk Blood Heat

Depicts the sultry lives of Floridians in tales that contemplate human connection, race, gender, inheritance, and the…

Floating in A Most Peculiar Way

The astonishing journey of a displaced boy from the short-lived African nation of Biafra to Jamaica to Los Angeles.

The Prophets

The forbidden union between two enslaved young men on a Deep South plantation.


A memoir about the push and pull of belonging and the seismic emotional toll of family secrets.


Cole has heard it all before--token, bougie, oreo, Blackish--the things we call the kids like him. Black kids who grow up…

Frying Plantain

Kara Davis is a girl caught in the middle--of her Canadian nationality and her desire to be a "true" Jamaican. In her…

Ties That Tether

At twelve years old, Azere promised her dying father she would marry a Nigerian man, even after immigrating to Canada.…

A Little Bit of Karma

Meet Shannon and Jay Lovejoy--the rich and successful power couple who seem like they've got it all. But after three…

Long Time Coming

From the New York Times bestselling author of Tears We Cannot Stop, a passionate call to America to finally reckon with…


Exposes the devastating consequences of white male supremacy on women, people of color and white men themselves.

A Promised Land

The story of Obama's improbable odyssey from young man searching for his identity to leader of the free world.

Rise up

The respected civil rights leader and host of "PoliticsNation" presents a rousing call to action that examines the…

We're Better Than This

Part memoir, part call to action, We're Better Than This is the story of our modern-day democracy and the…

When No One Is Watching

Sydney Green is Brooklyn born and raised, but her neighborhood seems to change every time she blinks. To hold onto her…

The Secret Women

Elise, Carmen, and DeeDee meet in a yoga class. The women discover they all have one thing in common: their mothers have…

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