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Hummingbird Salamander

When she receives taxidermied specimens of two endangered species, a software manager becomes the target of the…


It's 2134. Two corporations have replaced the US, splitting the country's remaining forty-five states (five have been…

The Fall of Koli

Koli has come a long way since being exiled from his small village of Mythen Rood. In his search for the fabled tech of…

Dark Lullaby

The world is suffering an infertility crisis, the last natural birth was over twenty years ago. Any children born are…

Leonora in the Morning Light

As Leonora and Max embark on journeys together and apart, the story of their tumultuous love affair unfolds.

The Rock Eaters

A story collection spanning worlds and dimensions, using strange and speculative elements to tackle issues ranging from…

Echo Tree

Henry Dumas's stories form a vivid, expansive portrait of Black life in America.

Excuse Me While I Disappear

Asks what remains of our stories—as individuals and civilizations—after we are gone.

Are You Enjoying?

Disarmingly original stories that upend traditional notions of identity and family, and peer into the vulnerable workings…

Leonard and Hungry Paul

A disarming novel that asks a simple question: Can gentle people change the world?

Everything Like Before

A collection of spare, biting stories of people caught between reality and expectation, hope and despair, love and…

Love in Case of Emergency

What happens when women fulfill their roles as wives, mothers, friends, lovers, sisters, and daughters? What comes next…


A wildly imaginative narrative across islands, through history, and into the lives of unforgettable characters.

Painting Time

An aesthetic and existential coming-of-age novel exploring the apprenticeship of a young female painter.

Hot Stew

A story about money and power, love and art, sex work and gentrification.

Terminal Boredom

Short stories that borrow themes and subjects familiar to readers of Philip K. Dick fused with a conflicted, tortured,…

People We Meet on Vacation

A travel writer has one last shot at reconnecting with the best friend she just might be in love with. 

Two Rogues Make a Right

A lifetime of love transforms into a tender passion both men always desired but neither expected.

The Devil Wears Black

Playing her ex's fiancée shouldn't be hard, especially if it means Maddie gets to watch the arrogant devil squirm.


A healthy dose of competition powers Hockman's laugh-out-loud debut about love on the high seas.

If the Boot Fits

A modern Cinderella finds her Prince Charming.

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