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Body Music
Body Music

A meditation on love and desire in its varied forms between women, between men, between women and men and gender non-…

Super Powers by Jack Kirby
Super Powers by Jack Kirby

DC Comics is re-presenting the groundbreaking work of the King of Comics in a brand-new series of trade paperback…

Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories

In three semiautobiographical vignettes, Taylor navigates a haunted past, conjuring up former friendships, versions of…


Charts the art world's increasing tolerance for the language of the empathetic doodle.

The Arab of the Future

Riad Sattouf recounts his nomadic childhood growing up in rural France, Gaddafi's Libya, and Assad's Syria.

Dark Night
Dark Night

In the 1990s, Paul Dini had a flourishing career writing Batman: The Animated Series and Tiny Toon Adventures. Walking…


This Hugo Award-winning graphic novel chronicles the fall from grace of a group of super-heroes plagued by all-too-human…

Locke & Key
Locke & Key

The Keyhouse, a New England mansion, has fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them—and is home to…

Sweet Tooth, the Deluxe Edition Book One

After being raised in total isolation, Gus--a boy born with deer-like antlers--is left to survive in an American…


A comics journalism exploration of women's labor and human rights issues in the garment trade and sex industry in the US…

Woman Rebel

Portrays the life of Margaret Sanger, a birth control activist and advocate for female reproductive rights, in graphic…


Graphic stories on various nonfiction topics.

Step Aside, Pops

Ida B. Wells, the Black Prince and Benito Juárez burst off the pages, armed with modern quips and on-point repartee.


Explores the physiology of the brain and describes theoretical and experimental developments that led to our present…


This innovative, dramatic graphic novel recounts the spiritual odyssey of philosopher Bertrand Russell. 

The Great War

A dizzying depiction of the anticipation, progress and horror of the Battle of the Somme.

The Fifth Beatle

The tale of a genuine visionary who discovered, managed, and guided the Beatles to unprecedented international stardom,…

The Beats

Uses the graphic novel format to recount the history of the Beat movement, which began in the 1940s, and describes the…

The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs is a real-time memoir of four turbulent years in the life of renowned cartoonist and diarist Gabrielle Bell…


Follows the son of Vietnamese immigrants who fled to America, illuminating his ancestral history and the impact of the…


In this powerful graphic memoir, Sarah Leavitt reveals how Alzheimer's disease transformed her mother Midge--and her…

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