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The Billionaire Murders

Barry and Honey Sherman appeared to lead charmed lives. But the world was shocked when their bodies were found in a…

Children Under Fire

Washington Post reporter Cox debuts with a hard-hitting report on the impact of gun violence on American children.

Already Toast

A memoir and feminist cultural critique of how unpaid family caregiving affects women in America.

The Beauty of Living Twice

In this sincere memoir, Stone begins by recounting the emotional and physical toll of a medical experience two decades…

Made in China

Journalist Pang tells the story of the hidden cost of Chinese goods through mysterious hidden messages and labor camp…

Carte Blanche

An alarming indictment of exploitative medical research.

This Is the Fire

Journalist Lemon candidly reflects on history and the major events of 2020, describing progress and pitfalls in racial…


A technology journalist proposes future-oriented skills to prepare people for a new machine age.


Aging is the true underlying cause of most human death and suffering. But we never really ask whether aging is necessary…

Subprime Attention Crisis

An examination of online advertising, and how its imminent collapse could crash the internet.

Worked Over

Sociology professor McCallum explores the challenges of today's workforce by exposing the false promises of meritocracy…

Blood and Oil

A revelatory look at the inner workings of the royal family of Saudi Arabia and how a rift produced Crown Prince Mohammed…

Saved by Science

This energetic and optimistic book shows how synthetic biology can be used to contend with major issues involving health…

The New Climate War

One of the world's leading climate scientists embarks on a journey into the minds of climate change deniers to try to…

Tangled up in Blue

A radical inside examination of policing in modern America, from a Georgetown University law professor turned reserve…

Resetting the Table

A bold, science-based corrective to the groundswell of misinformation about food and how it's produced.


A chilling story of child abuse and the sophisticated Parisians who looked the other way.


A provocative call for a third path, somewhere between capitalism and socialism, for the workers of today.

The Genome Odyssey

 A surprisingly moving take on the history and potential of genome squencing.

Parenting While Working From Home

Whether working from home while parenting as a temporary solution or a more long-term plan, readers will get advice for…

Count Down

A convincing plea for heightened awareness of rising reproductive jeopardy and the imperative of eliminating…

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