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 The Chosen and the Beautiful
The Chosen and the Beautiful

Reinvents the classic of the American canon, The Great Gatsby, as a coming-of-age story full of magic, mystery,…

We Two Alone
We Two Alone

Set on five continents and spanning decades, We Two Alone traces the arc and evolution of the Chinese immigrant…

Radiant Fugitives
Radiant Fugitives

In the last weeks of her pregnancy, a Muslim Indian lesbian living in San Francisco receives a visit from her estranged…

Heart of Fire

A memoir from the U.S. senator, who traces her life from her upbringing in Hawaii to her emergence as a legislator.

I Am A Girl From Africa

The inspiring journey of a girl from Africa whose near-death experience sparked a dream that changed the world.

Serena Singh Flips the Script

Lalli returns with another stellar feel-good story of a woman learning how to manage the expectations of her traditional…


In a suburban LA neighborhood a group of neighbors keep wary distance and at times collide, propelled by loneliness,…

Things We Lost to the Water

In this decades-spanning novel, a family of Vietnamese refugees makes a home in New Orleans.

The Arsonists' City

A rich family story, a personal look at the legacy of war in the Middle East, and an indelible rendering of how we hold…

Hana Khan Carries on

A young woman juggles pursuing her dream job in radio while helping her family compete with the new halal restaurant…

Northern Light

Discusses the survival of a community and concerns of exploitation and colonialism.

A History of Scars

Lee explores the legacy of trauma on a young queer child of immigrants as she reconciles the disparate pieces of…

A Beginner's Guide to America

Hakakian offers a poignant and richly observed account of the immigrant's experience of America.

Mixed Plate

A sincere memoir about growing up an immigrant and overcoming adversity through hard work and humor.

Who We're Reading When We're Reading Murakami

A lively account of the many people involved in bringing Haruki Murakami's writings to English-speaking readers.

DMZ Colony

This poetry collection is a feat of docupoetics, collage and translation that bears witness to unheard voices from the…

Stay, Daughter

This sharply insightful memoir depicts a young Muslim girl's struggle to balance the traditions of a loving yet…

Nobody's Normal

A compassionate and eye-opening examination of evolving attitudes toward mental illness throughout history and the fight…


Actor and producer Chopra Jonas' memoir captures the excitement of an Indian teenager launched into fame and moving…

As You Were

This memoir recounts stories from Tromblay's time inside Indian boarding schools and the Armed Forces and reckons with…

We Had a Little Real Estate Problem

From renowned comedy journalist and historian Kliph Nesteroff comes the underappreciated story of Native Americans and…

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