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Ng Family

Ng Bon Hor
Ng Bon Hor, Ca.1925, AR.2009.063(020)
Ng Family Papers
At the age of nine, Ng Bon Hor (Harry Ng), a descendant of a railroad worker, came from China to San Francisco in 1925. After returning to China to receive more education, he married Lee Sun You and moved to Austin to help with his father's restaurant. He managed Sam Wah Cafe and Lim Ting Restaurant for over forty years.
Sons of Harry and Lee Ng, William and Jack were raised in China then brought to America in 1951. They attended St. Edwards High School then Southwest Texas State College. Jack moved to California while William remained in Austin and ran Lim Ting Restaurant on 3900 South Congress Avenue until 1983. William & Jack Ng
William & Jack Ng, Ca. 1951, AR.2009.063(044)
Ng Family Papers
Wah Caf´┐Ż (interior)
Sam Wah Cafe (interior), Ca. 1950, AR.2009.063(012)
Ng Family Papers
Sam Wah Cafe, on 223 Congress Avenue, was one of the first successful Chinese restaurants in Austin. Harry Ng (on the far right) was a gracious and generous proprietor who often donated to charities and offered jobs to homeless people.
Harry Ng was a beloved member of the Austin community who shared his Chinese heritage and culture with others. He and his wife hosted special dinners for Chinese New Year annually at his second restaurant, Lim Ting.
Harry Ng

Harry Ng, Ca. 1960, AR.2009.063(042)
Ng Family Papers

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