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Sing Family

Joe Sing, Sr.
Joe Sing, Sr., Undated AR.2008.002(001)
Sing Family Papers
Joe Sing was born in China in 1860 and came to the United States around 1890 to find work and eventually settled in Austin. He opened Hong Lee Laundry on 311 W. 5th Street and provided laundry service to many State Legislators and Austinites.
When Francis Moreno, a Mexican American woman, married Joe Sing, unbeknownst to her, she lost her U.S. citizenship. According to the Married Women's Citizenship Act at the time, a woman lost her U.S citizenship if she married a foreign man. This Act was amended then finally repealed in 1936, allowing her citizenship to be re-instated. They had 4 children, Rumalda, Joe Jr., Senovia and Margaret. (in order of age)
Sing Family Photo
Sing Family Photo, Ca. 1910, AR.2008.002(003)
Sing Family Papers
Margaret Sing
Margaret Sing, Undated, AR.2008.002(006)
Sing Family Papers
Margaret Sing worked at Hong Lee Laundry, helping her dad as much as she could. Eventually she got a job working at Home Steam Laundry. She never married because she had to take care of her mother. She resided in her home on 1705 Willow until her death in 2006.

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