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Tu Family

Kwei 'Duke' Tu
Kwei "Duke" Tu, Ca. 1946, PICB 21335
AF-BIOGRAPHY- Tu, Duke & Family
During World War II, 100 Chinese military officers, fluent in English, came to America to serve as interpreters for Chinese pilots training for a top-secret mission. The FAB (Foreign Affairs Bureau)-100 were sent to military bases all across America. Kwei "Duke" Tu was one of the officers sent to Bergstrom Army Air Field in Austin.
After the war, the FAB-100 members were given the choice of returning to China or remaining in the United States. Duke Tu chose to stay in America and worked in the aircraft industry for Pan American Airways, Boeing, and General Electric throughout his career. He and his wife, Virginia, had three children, Beth, Larry, and Jennifer.
Duke Tu and His Children
Duke Tu and His Children, Undated, PICB 21346
AF-BIOGRAPHY- Tu, Duke & Family
Duke Tu and Son, Larry
Duke Tu and Son, Larry, Undated, PICB 21341
AF-BIOGRAPHY- Tu Duke & Family

Duke Tu's son, Larry, graduated from Harvard and Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He served as a clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and worked for Goldman Sachs and NBC Universal. He is currently a Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Dell in Austin.

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