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Wong Family


Seventeen year-old Lee Shee lived in San Francisco, California with her parents until she married Mow Wah Chin, a laundryman, and moved to Chelsea, Massachusetts in 1912. She gave birth to Rose Chin and soon after died of pneumonia in 1919. Her daughter, Rose Chin (R.C.) was raised by her father with the help of an aunt.
Seventeen year-old Lee Shee

Lee Shee Chin, Ca. 1910, AR.2008.005(001)
Wong Family Papers

Fred & R.C. Wong

Fred & R.C. Wong, January 28, 1938, AR.2008.005(016)
Wong Family Papers

Grandson of a "Pershing Chinese" railroad worker, Fred Wong grew up in San Antonio and married Rose Chin from Chelsea, Massachusetts in 1936. They moved to Austin in 1938 and started New China Food Market on 714 Red River. Fred served as a Rollingwood Councilman and R.C. became a well-known artist, famous for her portraits and philanthropic work. The couple had three children, Mitchel, Linda, and Kay.
3705 Red River Street was the Wong family�s home in Austin until Fred and R.C.�s son, Mitchel Wong, was four years old. It consists of a front room, bedroom, and a kitchen. Dr. Mitchel Wong is an ophthalmologist at Austin Eye Clinic and a founding member of the Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce.
R.C. and her son, Mitchel Wong

R.C. and her son, Mitchel Wong, December 19, 2007
Wong Family Papers
Photography by Patrick Y. Wong

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