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Contact the Austin History Center

The Austin History Center staff can answer questions which do not require in-depth research via correspondence and email. The time between receiving a request and addressing it can vary although it is our aim to answer questions promptly.

For obituary requests or any photocopy requests, please see our Obituary/Research Request instructions. The Austin History Center does charge a $30/hour fee for these services.

Reference staff can also be contacted during open hours at 512-974-7480.

Mailing address: PO Box 2287, Austin, TX 78768-2287

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Be specific and thorough in stating the details of your question. Provide us with important terms, phrases, and keywords for doing your search. Indicate a date or period of history to which your question relates. List all sources where you have already found information related to your question, so that we do not repeat your steps. 

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