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Congress Avenue looking north from 7th Street

C00486 detail, Chalberg Collection of Prints and Negatives, [Congress Avenue looking north from 7th Street], 1942

Austin Quiz

Click on the link in each question to see the answer.

  1. When was Austin founded?

  2. Where did the name "Waterloo" come from? Why was Austin called Waterloo?

  3. What's the origin of the term "City of the Violet Crown" referring to Austin? Did it really originate with O. Henry?

  4. What are the moonlight towers?

  5. What Native American tribe was most common in this area?

  6. When were the names of the east-west streets downtown changed from the names of trees to numbers?

  7. Why is there a cross in Austin's city seal?

  8. What were the boundaries of the "Freedman's Towns" founded in and near Austin after the Civil War?

  9. Who was Austin's first Mexican-American elected official?

  10. What is the history of Barton Springs?

  11. What is the oldest house in Austin?

  12. Why was Austin's first municipal airport named Mueller Airport?

  13. When and how did Austin get its start as a high-tech mecca?

  14. Where was "Chili Square"?

  15. What 1940s Austin nightclub was on the "Chitlin Circuit"?