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Backwards in High Heels: Resources




[Unidentified women’s group gathers at the Capitol], circa 1910, C10563, Chalberg Collection of Prints and Negatives.

Many social groups existed for women in the late 19th century. By the turn of the 20th century, more and more women’s groups started taking on political issues.


The following resources from the Austin History Center Collections were used for this exhibit and contain additional materials related to the history of women in politics. They can be viewed on site in the Reading Room.


Austin Files

The Austin Files have both textual and photographic components. The text files contain clippings, brochures, press releases, campaign materials, oral history transcripts and other printed ephemera. The photograph files contain photographs. Some subjects have both text and photograph files but some only have one or the other.

A8500(13) Austin -- History -- Archives War

C4030 City Council

P5300 Political Parties

     (9) Travis County Democratic Women's Committee

     (17) Austin Republican Women's Club

     (19) Texas Federation of Republican Women

T0750 Temperence Movement

V3500(2) Voters and Voting -- League of Women Voters

W4800 Women -- Societies and Clubs

     (5) Austin Federation of Women's Clubs

     (14) Texas Federation of Women's Clubs

W4900 Women -- Suffrage

W5000 Women (contains many pertinent subcategories)

     (22) Texas Women's Political Caucus


Austin Files -- Biography

Ames, Jessie Daniel

Bickler, Jacob, 1849-1902 -- Bickler, Martha

Blanton, Annie Webb

Bode, Mary Jane

Briscoe, Dolph, Jr. -- Briscoe, Janey Slaughter

Clements, WIlliam Perry, Jr. -- Clements, Rita Crocker Bass

Cunningham, Minnie Fisher

Delco, Exalton A., Jr. -- Delco, Wilhelmina

Eberly, Angelina Belle Peyton

Ferguson, James Edward -- Ferguson, Miriam A.

Fisher, Rebecca Jane Gilleland, 1831-1926

Guerrero, Lena

Himmelblau, Betty

Hofmann, Otto J. -- Hofmann, Margret

Johnson, Lyndon Baines -- Johnson, Lady Bird

Jordan, Barbara

Keeton, Carole

Limberg, Emilie

Linn, Emma Lou

Long, Emma Jackson

McCallum, Jane Yelvington

McDaniel, Myra

Moody, Daniel J. -- Moody, Mildred Paxton

Pease, Elisha Marshall -- Pease, Lucadia Christiana Niles

Richards, Ann Willis

Rodriguez-Mendoza, Amalia

Sevier, Henry Hulme -- Sevier, Clara Driscoll

Shipman, Sally

Weddington, Sarah Ragle

West, Elizabeth Howard

White, Mark -- White, Linda Gale



Downs, Fane and Nancy Baker Jones, ed. Women and Texas History: Selected Essays. Austin, Texas: Texas State Historical Association, 1993.

Humphrey, Janet G. A Texas Suffragist: Diaries and Writings of Jane Y. McCallum. Austin, Texas: Ellen C. Temple, 1988.

Jones, Nancy Baker and Ruthe Winegarten. Capitol Women: Texas Female Legislators, 1923-1999. Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press, 2000.

McArthur, Judith N. Creating the New Woman: The Rise of the Southern Women's Progressive Culture in Texas, 1893-1918. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1998.

McArthur, Judith N. and Harold L. Smith. Minnie Fisher Cunningham: A Suffragist's Life in Politics. New York: Oxford University Press, 2003.

Pease, Lucadia Christiana Niles. Lucadia Pease & the Governor: Letters, 1850-1857. Austin, Texas: Encino Press for the Friends of the Austin Public Library, 1974.

Pierce, Paula Jo. "Let Me Tell You What I've Learned" Texas Wisewomen Speak. Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press, 2002.

Weddington, Sarah, Jane Hickie, and Deanna Fitzgerald. Texas Women in Politics: A Project. Austin, Texas: Foundation for Women's Resources, 1977.


Archival Collections

AR.A.001. Pease-Graham-Niles Papers

AR.A.002. Rebecca Jane Fisher Papers

AR.E.004. Jane Yelvington Legette McCallum Papers

AR.O.017. Austin (Tex.) City Council. Margret Hofmann Records

AR.P.002. Austin (Tex.). Mayor's Office.  Carole Keeton McClellan Papers

AR.S.012. Mary Jane Bode Papers

AR.Y.005. Bickler Papers

AR.Z.036. Austin (Tex.). City Council. Sally Shipman Records

AR.1991.010. Mildred Paxton Moody Papers

AR.1994.093. Austin Area League of Women Voters Records

AR.1995.002. Von Rosenberg Family Papers

AR.2002.025. Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza Papers

AR.2006.013. Emilie Limberg Papers

AR.2010.012. Austin Women's History Network Records

AR.2011.005. Stuart and Emma Long Papers

AR.2012.034. Margret Hofmann Papers


Photography Collections

The Hubert Jones Glass Plate Collection contains many photographs of sites and scenes from life in early Austin as well as many portraits, mostly unidentified, of women.

The Austin American-Statesman Negative Collection documents many news-worthy events, including many political scenes and political players. The negatives at the AHC span 1958-1982.

Neal Douglass was the first photojournalist for the Austin American-Statesman and then ran his own photography business in the mid-twentieth century, often photographing prominent people and politicians.

Bill Malone was photographer for the State Legislature from the 1960s through the early 1990s and his Collection of negatives includes many politicians. Consult the Photography Archivist for access to this collection.



The Artifacts Collection contains many buttons, bumper stickers, and similar campaign materials. Consult the staff to access these items.




[Petri Family Portrait], circa 1890s, J125, Hubert Jones Glass Plate Collection.

In the 19th century women’s lives were typically focused on their families. This portrait exemplifies that idea, as Clara Mossler Petri is surrounded by her children, Louisa Antoinette, Arthur Otto, and Charles Hubert Junior.




PICA 16634

[Group of women gathered for a convention in Houston], 1911, PICA 16634.

The convention that these women are attending is unidentified. It may have been a social gathering but might also have been a political rally, as many of the women are wearing lapel pins and ribbons.




PICA 23540

[Women stenographers of the 35th Legislature], 1917, PICA 23540, Walter E. Long Collection.

In the early 20th century, women rarely held elected office but increasingly had jobs in behind-the-scenes positions. This group portrait depicts the women who were the stenographers for the 35th Legislative session.




PICA 19229

That Texas Legislative Service Gang, May 25, 1937, PICA 19229.

The women in this portrait presumably were secretaries and administrative assistants at the Capitol, as they are posing with telephones, typewriters, and reports.





Equal Rights for Women Senate Hearing, February 24, 1959, AS-59-21912-01, Austin American-Statesman Negative Collection.

Dallas Attorney Betty Roberts argues at a Texas Senate committee hearing for Equal Rights for Women in front of Senators Abraham Kazen, Wardlow Lane, Jimmy Phillips, and Jep Fuller.





[Re-enactment of women registering to vote], June 1987, AR.2010.012(002). Austin Women’s History Network Records.

Sixty-nine years after Texas women won the right to vote, local women of the Texas Women’s History Network commemorated the event by re-enacting the historic photograph of women registering to vote for the first time in Travis County.


Other Resources

The Women's Resource Guide has many more sources of information relating to women in the AHC collections.

The Texas Historical Association's Handbook of Texas Online has many encyclopedic articles about prominent Texans, inlucding many of the women in the exhibit, and events in Texas history.


Were there women that should have been included in this exhibit that we left out? Perhaps we did not have enough archival materials or photographs in our collections to be able to include them. We rely on donations to build our collections. If you have materials you would like to donate, see our donations page for information about making contributions to our collections.


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