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Ecclesiastical Work

“We try to give a living space charm: a church a feeling of awe; and a workspace a pleasant atmosphere to add interest and excitement to the time spent there.”

- Arthur Fehr


Saint Stephen's Episcopal School Chapel, AR-2009-014-155, Photograph by Dewey Mears

Saint Stephen's Episcopal School Chapel

St. Stephen's Chapel was nationally recognized after its completion in 1953 for its simple, powerful response to its Central Texas site in Westlake Hills. The building, situated on the highest point of the St. Stephen's Episcopal School campus, was conceived as a natural outgrowth of the terrain and climate and stands today as the physical and spiritual center of the school. The design allows natural light to flow across the native stone interior construction with an effect that is both dynamic and serene. 


Christ Lutheran Church, AR-2009-014-105

Christ Lutheran Church 

Built in 1948 as the first stage of an expandable scheme, this church was completed at a cost of $21,000. Composed mainly of quarried limestone with commercial metal, the initial structure was nonetheless a complete small church constructed at 300 East Monroe Street on the corner of Brackenridge Street in the Travis Heights neighborhood. Window lighting and simple design create a placid space, appropriate for its contemplative purpose.